Metasky - Wallet + Club

Simplest Web3 Infrastructure for your community

Web3 onboarding made easy, for anyone and everyone be it a brand, creator, enterprise or a SaaS company.

Variety of Use-Cases

Leverage the power of NFTs beyond Images.


Utility Pass


Phygital Items

Loyalty / Memberships / Coupons

Seamless Onboarding in
less than 30 seconds

Web2 + Web3 Support

Track and use assets across wallets and chains.


Home to your digital assets.

Super easy to setup

Scan & Connect Across dApps

Access, Experience and Redeem all the Utilities connected to your NFTs

Multi-Payment, Multi-Chain Support


Identify your superfans, your home for Web3-powered community. Club is a way to curate and serve exclusive experiences to these superfans.

NFTs are for superfans & fans

Activate your superfans with unique web3 experiences.

Superfans want more

Metasky NFTs are a way to give them more

You only need a 1000 true fans to thrive as an independent artist. Club is a way to curate and serve these 1000 true fans.