💞 Curate

Recognise your power users

🏆 Launch Contests

Create raffles, quizzes, and games meaningfully centered around your brand

🫂 Activate Socials

Activate members across Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Blockchain

⚙️ Manage Seamlessly

Access analytics around your communities on your finger tips

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🗣️ Engage

Build powerful experiences for your community within a few clicks

🎯 Gamified Bounties

Choose from our bounties library or create custom bounties

⚒️ Utilities Charged NFTs

Make your membership passes stand out by integrating powerful and practical utilities

🎟️ IRL Events Ticketing

Transform your membership passes to a smooth ticketing experience

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💸 Monetize

Build sustainable community-led revenue flywheels

🃏 Membership Cards

Create and manage a tiered loyalty membership program for your community

📈 Secondary Marketplace

Earn royalty on every secondary trade of membership card

💰 Sustainable Economy

Strengthen your loyalty ecosystem with stress tested economy design

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Easily manage & interact with your digital assets

Works across Blockchains



The control centre for your community. Plan, design, and launch your campaigns

MeWS - Metasky Web Services

Your one-stop DIY kit using robust APIs and SDKs to build unique user experience


The town square for your community. Participate via bounties, utilities, and engagements here

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