The Metasky marketplace is the premier destination for community and brand managers to discover and procure digital and real-world engaging experiences for their communities

1. Find experiences your community wants, from VIP concert tickets to exclusive masterclasses
2. Find utilities and services that make your digital collectibles stand out, from exclusive brand deals to metaverse experiences
3. Provision end-to-end experience quickly and reliably

 Metasky Marketplace

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Discover, link, and manage exclusive experiences for your digital collectibles


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  • Business Consulting
  • UX Research
  • AI Innovation Strategy
  • UX Audit
  • Design


  • User Interface Design
  • Design System
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • UX Writing


  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Smart contract development


  • Manga development
  • Anime
  • Experiences
  • Language classes
  • Community growth hacks

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Grow your loyal customer base with Metasky Marketplace

Reach the premium members of global communities for your products and services

Metasky Marketplace is a powerful channel to market and sell your product and services to premium members of global top communities. Showcase your product and services and get access to top communities worldwide.

Drive Leads

Generate leads by giving community managers the ability to link your product offering as utilities for their digital collectibles

Promote Globally

Gain access to global communities using the Metasky Marketplace as a selling tool. Participate in our co-marketing opportunities to reach new customers and markets worldwide

Grow Revenue

Leverage rich commerce capabilities and get insights on how your business is performing on Metasky Marketplace

Start selling in Metasky Marketplace today

Brands, communities, music labels, indie artists, and creators can sell their products, services, discount coupons, tickets, exclusive content, and experiences in Metasky Marketplace to millions of Metasky partner community members. Metasky marketplace, jointly with Metasky product suite, helps brands and creators to build, market, and sell their products and services as utilities for community digital collectibles.


  1. Innovate with flexibility as you deploy your service as media, secret text, discord, token gate, coupon code, or custom experience utility
  2. Focus on shipping your product while Metasky Marketplace manages metering, billing, collections, and payment disbursement
  3. Marketplace supports numerous pricing options for your offered utility including pay-as-you-use and long-term plans


  1. Build your foundation using self-service Metasky studio bounties to develop and execute campaigns
  2. Accelerate your execution with standardized and custom demand generation packages
  3. Scale your growth with access to Metasky grants, resources, and Metasky-led growth campaigns


  1. Customize prices and payment schedules through in build bidding mechanisms and subscription models
  2. Maximise conversions by creating and offering multiple bundles of varying sizes
  3. Seamlessly upgrade launched utilities to keep up with changing market needs


Success story 1


Manga NFT Community

"Metasky's team empowered us with their technological capabilities and invaluable guidance to launch successful campaigns on blockchain and beyond. Their support extended beyond campaigns, aiding us in navigating various gaming landscapes. It's been a transformative partnership, enhancing our community's engagement and reach across diverse platforms."


Artist & Designer

"Metasky transformed my art business! Their platform amplified my outreach across diverse web3 communities, propelling my art into new markets. Through their tools, I connected with global collectors, fostering collaborations that enriched my artistic journey."

Success story 2

Success story 3

Junko Higuchi

CEO - Kakurinshoja Corporation

"Partnering with Metasky strategically amplified our brand visibility across global markets. As a small business in Japan, their platform enabled us to expand our reach, connect with diverse audiences, and forge impactful partnerships that propelled our growth and presence worldwide."